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31W300 Schoger Dr. Naperville, IL 60564 ,

  • Terri Boumans
  • Mettle Volleyball Academy
    31W300 Schoger Drive
    Naperville, IL 60564
    (630) 485-1497

    "Immediately we could see that there was something unique about Terri's coaching style. What stood out the most was that Terri takes on a holistic approach with her athletes. Terri is very clear on her direction, and takes every opportunity to fine tune and refine so that the fundamental skills are solid. She has a way of encouraging her athletes to work hard and believe that they can do better. Terri pushes her athletes beyond the limitations they have set upon themselves. She is uplifting with her words so that her girls know what they need to work on and in what areas they have improved."

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    Terri Boumans, Owner

    31W300 Schoger Drive
    Naperville, IL 60564
    (630) 485-1497 
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